We started Dasla Farms in 2015 in Rwamagana-Muyumbu, Rwanda, by acquiring about a half acre of land. Since then, we’ve constructed stables and added animals such as hens, rabbits and pigs. We are working on being self-sufficient by growing our own feed. We also grow crops such as carrots, cabbage and native ibinyomoro.

Now we are looking to change the direction of our operations. Currently, we have raised 28 pigs, but the cost is too steep to be sustainable. Therefore, we have decided to cut our losses and donate the majority of our pigs to poor families through a government program and to keep 10 pigs as pets. We will continue to raise hens (to sell their eggs) and rabbits, as well as to grow produce such as carrots, cabbage, pineapples, & native ibinyomoro.

At the same time, we are looking into starting a school for the surrounding rural community, which may be able to obtain more government support. Any donations will go specifically towards farming and construction supplies and materials as well as food, medicine, and staff salary. So, if you know of any creative funding opportunities or ways to help support us, please Contact Us!

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